Ties generations together

Keep your loved ones updated as your child grows and discovers the world. Share photos, updates or blog posts and invite grandparents so that they too can gain insight into the little one's life. Or if you are separated, let you child have a place to have a complete history of the two lives!

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Invite your friends and family!

Let your loved ones follow your baby's development. Of course all content is protected and only those you choose to invite will have access to your child's profile.

No uninvited guests

All content you choose to save on Degedeg are kept completely private and no one other than yourself and those you invite will be able to take part of it. Besides, you can do all apps private, if there is information you do not want to show to the invitees.

  • Activity Flow

    Keep all updated in the flow.

  • Miniblog

    Update the once you have invited to follow your child with a small history or describe the day, week or months.

  • Picture

    Share the best picture with the once you have invited to follow your child.

  • Status updates

    What is happing right now. Any funny comment or event.

  • Pregnancy

    During pregnancy, what is happing week by week. Keep it to your self or share with the once you invite to follow your child.

  • Milestones

    Keep track of "the first time" by selecting or adding them. Add eventually a picture.

  • Favorites

    Select or add all the favorites. Add eventually a picture.

  • Body

    Keep track of weight, length and teeth.

  • Habits

    Select or add all the habits for your child.

  • Health

    Number to the doctor, keep track of illnesses and much more.

  • Calendar

    Pick up time, when, wher are you going, what time is weekly sports. Have a shared calendar for separated parents.

Gather everything in one place

Degedeg help you bring all your photos, memories and information in a single place where you always have access to it. Information is shared only with those you want to invite. It is simple, safe and incredibly fun!

Let friends and family know when something interesting happens!

On Degedeg you can: Keep track of the child's weight and height, list his or her favorite toys and much much more!